Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This week at the LAB

Tuesday 10 March, 6pm
at the LAB

Autonomous Republic will present documentation of their recent creation of a Temporary Autonomous Zone in Dublin.

Wednesday 11 March, 6pm at the LAB

Art collective the Office of Public Works (OPW) will speak about their public-space projects, along with Dylan Haskins, who will speak about his recent work, including the Change? project at the Project Arts Centre.

Thursday 12 March, 6pm at the LAB

Four artists and designers describe their various approaches to 'Amateurism' - DIY art and technology production, modding, designing with found materials, and design in the developing world. Sam Russell, Ian Williamson, Paddy Bloomer and Ralph Borland - please see the March program for brief biographies.

Friday 13 March, 10am on Church Street Bridge

See posting below - Conor McGarrigle will lead a GPS-drawing walk through Dublin.

DAY TIME events:

Looking for the abandoned Tunnel under phoenix park on Tuesday with Paddy Bloomer:

Installing a street art intervention by Paul Hickey on Thursday:

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colin said...

Really enjoyed following the walk on Twitter today.

good work to all involved

When can we get to see the image of the written word?