Saturday, March 14, 2009

At The LAB this week

We will be posting documention of last week's events shortly. In the meantime, there are two events coming up at the LAB this week.

Monday 16th March, 6pm

Eamon Crudden and John Buckley host a follow-up meeting and future planning session from their projection of video from Gaza onto the Israeli Embassy in January. All welcome. This event has been cancelled.

Wednesay 18th March, 6pm

Debate - "You stole my idea!" Debates around intellectual property often centre on copyright, on music and trademarks and pharmaceutical patents - but perhaps less discussed is how we as artists feel about sharing our ideas. What are our attitudes towards ownership of ideas, originality and innovation? What is the impact of these attitudes on collaboration and dissemination of our work? What are the links between a broader questioning of intellectual property and the work of artists?

Short presentations by Luke Clancy, Caroline Campbell, Conor McGarrigle and Martin McCabe, followed by open debate.

Tactic will also be presenting for DATA - the Dublin Art and Technology Association - on Thursday 19 March, 6.30pm, at the Oak on Dame Street.

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