Monday, December 8, 2008


TACTIC is asking for submissions towards a series of workshops to be hosted in their residency space at the LAB in February and March 2009.We would like submissions from artists, activists and collectives for ideas, themes and workshops that Tactic should host.

Do you have ideas for projects you would like to plan further and possibly work with others on? TACTIC can offer a space and possible collaborators to develop your project further, and may be able to cover some material costs. TACTIC will document projects worked on in its space.

TACTIC' s work at The LAB will lay some of the foundation for work further afield. Our aim is to extend our work to engage with networks in other countries, particularly Southern Africa.

Please submit your proposals before the 16 January 2009 to

Friday, July 11, 2008

Residency at The LAB, Dublin

Tactic has been awarded an Arts Incubation Space Award at the LAB beginning in the month of November. The award is intended to allow innovative art collectives to develop new work, over a period of up to 6 months, through the provision of a work rehearsal space in the arts centre, The LAB.


Ralph and I are associate researchers at The Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media. We are working on 'Mobilise', a collective project involving a five creative researchers: Rhona Byrne, Glenn Loughran, Connor McGarrigle, Seoidín OSullivan and Ralph Borland. "We are looking at and exploring creative solutions and potentialities for what we see as necessary cultural change within our city. Each of us has chosen a specific area/ issue to concentrate and research on in order to find possible working models and projects that are happening in other cities. We then selected out the ones we felt had the potential for replication within our own city in order to discuss and analyse them. We are currently bringing these ideas together and proposing 'Moblise' interventions, projects and ideas for Dublin. We are looking at how our city might function in more just and equitable ways and are interested in revealing sites of tension / injustice." This is my definition so far . . . peoples research has investigated local economies, DIY vehicles, Community Gardening, Activism, Public Space and Community Participation.

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