Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Future of Water

Ralph Borland from TACTIC will be curationg the next show at the Science Gallery called "The Future of Water."

Water is a potentially all-encompassing theme – from the amazing physical properties of water, to its destructive and life-giving power in nature, and its role in both human development and conflict. It flows through us, as blood, sweat and tears. It is venerated, coveted, spoiled and fought over. It has as many meanings and functions as it has physical forms; we regularly encounter water as liquid, solid and vapour. Water can be soothing, an instrument of healing, accelerated through water cannon as a weapon, or used to cut rock and metal. One billion people lack access to it in its most valuable form, as clean drinking water. Clean water is running out – and around the world it is used as a weapon of power and a tool in political conflict.

The exhibition will include existing and proposed innovations and inventions around water, artworks on the theme of water, and artifacts that reveal the different ways in which water is used and perceived of. The exhibition will extend beyond the gallery through workshops, events and off-site projects. Alongside artwork, designed objects and documentary artifacts, FUTURE OF WATER will include special live performances, innovative installations, unique physical and mental experiences, high-profile talks, discussions and debates, web-focused interactions, games and collaborative experience.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bloom event

We are hosting 'Bloom Movement'
Wednesday 21 July 2010
at 6pm
A bring and share evening.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Final week at the LAB

This is the closing week of Tactic's March events at the LAB.

Monday 23 March, 6pm

Glenn Loughran, Rhona Byrne, Conor McGarrigle, Seoidin O'Sullivan and Ralph Borland from the Gradcam group 'Mobilise' present their research around creative interventions in the city and society.

Tuesday 24 March

10am - Join a bicycle tour of three Dublin community gardens, ending with a picnic in the South Circular Road community garden. Meet at the LAB at 10am with your bicycle!

6pm - Beth Hamer, an artist from Devon involved with community gardening projects, and Suwan Laimanee, an artist from Thailand working with food security and body sculpture, present their past projects and practices.

Wednesday 25 March, 6pm

Deirdre Tunney, recent graduate of the Msc in Human Ecology at the University of Strathclyde Glasgow, discusses her recent work investigating the role of art in facilitating or driving change.

Friday 27 March, 6pm

Please join us for closing drinks at the LAB, and reflection on the past few weeks work.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

At The LAB this week

We will be posting documention of last week's events shortly. In the meantime, there are two events coming up at the LAB this week.

Monday 16th March, 6pm

Eamon Crudden and John Buckley host a follow-up meeting and future planning session from their projection of video from Gaza onto the Israeli Embassy in January. All welcome. This event has been cancelled.

Wednesay 18th March, 6pm

Debate - "You stole my idea!" Debates around intellectual property often centre on copyright, on music and trademarks and pharmaceutical patents - but perhaps less discussed is how we as artists feel about sharing our ideas. What are our attitudes towards ownership of ideas, originality and innovation? What is the impact of these attitudes on collaboration and dissemination of our work? What are the links between a broader questioning of intellectual property and the work of artists?

Short presentations by Luke Clancy, Caroline Campbell, Conor McGarrigle and Martin McCabe, followed by open debate.

Tactic will also be presenting for DATA - the Dublin Art and Technology Association - on Thursday 19 March, 6.30pm, at the Oak on Dame Street.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This week at the LAB

Tuesday 10 March, 6pm
at the LAB

Autonomous Republic will present documentation of their recent creation of a Temporary Autonomous Zone in Dublin.

Wednesday 11 March, 6pm at the LAB

Art collective the Office of Public Works (OPW) will speak about their public-space projects, along with Dylan Haskins, who will speak about his recent work, including the Change? project at the Project Arts Centre.

Thursday 12 March, 6pm at the LAB

Four artists and designers describe their various approaches to 'Amateurism' - DIY art and technology production, modding, designing with found materials, and design in the developing world. Sam Russell, Ian Williamson, Paddy Bloomer and Ralph Borland - please see the March program for brief biographies.

Friday 13 March, 10am on Church Street Bridge

See posting below - Conor McGarrigle will lead a GPS-drawing walk through Dublin.

DAY TIME events:

Looking for the abandoned Tunnel under phoenix park on Tuesday with Paddy Bloomer:

Installing a street art intervention by Paul Hickey on Thursday:

Writing the City: Friday 13th GPS drawing walk

Join us on Friday the 13th March, 10am at Church Street Bridge (see map) for a magical mystery tour though the streets of Dublin as we use GPS to write a giant word on the city, which can be seen later in Google Earth.

Come join in, have a walking conversation about your projects or ideas, or anything you like. If you have any experiences or scenes you want to create along the route, please let us know.

The walk will continue from 10am to about 1pm, ending with a concrete picnic. You can follow us on twitter or call/text 086 3667857 to find out where we are at anytime.

Starting point map

twitter feed

Friday, March 6, 2009

Launch Party

TACTIC @ The LAB: Launch Party

You are invited to the launch of TACTIC's
March series of events in their residency space
at the LAB:

Friday 6 March 6pm - 9pm
Workshop 4, 4th Floor, The LAB
Foley St, Dublin 1

We will be distributing our schedule of events for March, introducing
the artists we are hosting, and a variety of workshops, debates,
presentations, interventions and actions that will be developed over
the month.

Please pop in for food, drinks and music.

Ralph Borland and Seoidín O’Sullivan